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At the beginning of 2010 several editors received a scale of the first stairs that fits on one square meter. A form of publicity that got the new model of EeStairs to the attention of editors of professional media for architects, contractors and newspapers. Enough reason to ask Cornelis van Vlastuin, Creative Director of EeStairs, to give his opinion on some of our statements on PR and publicity.

First statement: PR is essential to every business
“I think that a company misses something when it doesn’t use PR. That’s why we chose to use PR next to our advertisements, sponsoring and our website. We have experienced that the region knows EeStairs better, since we started working with Pors|de Ridder PR.”

Second statement: Without company awareness it is harder for accountmanagers to do their job.
“I agree, for accountmanagers it is always hard to sell products in tough economic times. If they also have to explain the product and the company, then the selling becomes even harder. When organisations already know your business and they have seen your products, the chances of your accountmanagers increases.”

Attract attention by professionalizing public relations
Attract attention by professionalizing public relations
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