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CRV is a Cooperative Cattle Improvement business. It is a international company with over 30.000 members. These Dutch and Belgian farmers have a say within the cooperation. With PR CRV wants to reach the members through media. Furthermore, customers, the market, partners and the government are reached with PR.

To set up PR within CRV a PR plan is essential. In this practical plan Pors|de Ridder PR sets out the steps to expand PR activities of CRV. This plan provides a long-term vision for the PR activities in the period 2012-2015 to empower the regional and rural position of CRV. Additionally, Pors|de Ridder PR produces the CRV Magazine, which takes a clear position as customer magazine. CRV wishes to make a clear difference between the objective magazine ‘Veeteelt’ and the customer magazine CRV Magazine. In order to realize this, Pors|de Ridder PR developed a new editorial formula for CRV Magazine.

Attract attention by professionalizing public relations
Attract attention by professionalizing public relations
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