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New client: Solcon
Solcon, the communications provider with a heart, specialises in connections for Internet, television and telephone communication access via glass-fibre, xDSL and cable connections for the consumer market. In addition, Solcon offers the business market flawless connectivity and various hosting services. Being the very first provider in the Netherlands to introduce filtered internet access and Internet telephone services, Solcon now aims to use effective PR to reach out to its customers via the media and strengthen its profile even more. Pors|de Ridder PR has been asked to draft a detailed policy plan that will serve as a base for the implementation of the necessary PR activities. The plan contains a long-term vision for 2012 and 2013 and also provides for measures by means of which Solcon can create maximum exposure. It is also extremely practical and offers concrete implementation tools.

Fifteenth Anniversary
In addition to drafting a policy plan, Pors|de Ridder PR has been asked to support Solcon in the implementation of communication projects, of which the company’s fifteenth anniversary communications are a good example. Pors|de Ridder PR is currently working out an action plan and has been asked to deal with all media communications concerning the anniversary-related activities.

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Brands become leading by choosing for a distinguished PR direction
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