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The Internet offers untold possibilities for generating name awareness and publicity.
Your target group is easy to track and a very large reach is quickly established. Research shows that consumers are making increasing use of the Internet to form their opinion about a product or service. A good online reputation is therefore essential.

Internet trends
Pors|de Ridder PR has knowledge about trends such as 'consumer generated content' and 'social networking'. Our team advises companies about the application and use of these trends. For an online reputation is inseparably linked to an offline image. Here, we talk of cross-pollination. It is therefore necessary for both reputations to be in line with each other, and for companies to react ideally to valuable Internet trends.

The refreshing approach of Pors|de Ridder PR integrates the Internet as a high-quality PR instrument in the communication mix. We use it to work pro-actively on your online reputation.

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The internet offers opportunities for PR by anchoring to the right points
The internet offers opportunities for PR by anchoring to the right points
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