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Editorial formulas

Its a question many managers asked their self: How do we create a we-feeling in our company? In large organisations with many affiliates, often spread across the country, its difficult to bring all the employees together. It can also be a big challenge to inform relations about current developments. A staff magazine or relation magazine can be a very suitable medium to inform employees and relations. Magazines which are successful, start with a decent editorial formula.

Pors|de Ridder PR develops refreshing, attractive editorial formulas for many clients. While developing, we summarize all important information about the relation magazine or staff magazine in one compact plan. That plan covers everything. From the collecting of the content, to the budget and financial issues.

Also, Pors|de Ridder PR takes the responsibility of the editorial for itself. During this section were collecting a diverse mix of topics which will interest the targetgroups. Many information is collected by approaching the employees of a company and asking them for their point of view. Thanks to this, the staff magazine is a medium made by and made for the staff. For the relations of your company, we know how to offer them attractive backgrounds about new products or services. During the process of writing, we bring all information together in one magnificent product.

Pors|de Ridder PR develops editorial formulas for staff magazines and relation magazines which inspire your staff, convince your clients and change your organization. Wondering how we can change your organization? Call us for an inspiring conversation!

Editorial formulas
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