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SolutionS Center Voorthuizen is the first private addiction clinic in the Netherlands with the approval of the Dutch Mental Health Care for a complete examination. SolutionS Center Voorthuizen was founded by Don Schothorst. The clinic helps addicts with high positions in (business) life with all types of addictions. They use the Twelve Step Minnesota Model.

Assignment description
SolutionS Center Voorthuizen opened its doors early 2008. The official opening took place on December 3th, after several months of 'trial'. Mayor J.A.M.L. Houben from Barneveld performed the opening. Afterwards there was an interesting symposium with prominent speakers about current addiction in the Netherlands. Among others, prof.dr. B. Smalhout and prof.dr. A. van der Geld talked about addiction. Pors|de Ridder PR is responsible for the PR surrounding the official opening of SolutionS Center Voorthuizen.

Pors|de Ridder PR developed a practical and proactive strategy. First, the relevant media received a press release about the recognition of Mental Health Care SolutionS Center Voorthuizen. In this way, the new private addiction clinic introduces itself to a broad group of editors. Subsequently, all relevant editors were personally invited to the official opening. In addition Pors | de Ridder PR selected titles read by the target group of SolutionS Center Voorthuizen. The addiction clinic was proposed in a personal interview with the editors. After the official opening all relevant media received a press release with a photo.

Besides the promotion through the media, Pors|de Ridder PR also introduces SolutionS Center Voorthuizen by the stakeholders. Subsequently this stakeholders received an invitation to the symposium about addiction in the Netherlands.

The official opening of Solutions Center Voorthuizen and symposium was very successful. There was many interest to the symposium and the media paid attention to SolutionS Center Voorthuizen. Both rural and regional media was interested in the addiction clinic. This resulted among others in an item on Dutch television in RTL Boulevard. The most important result is more recognition for SolutionS Center Voorthuizen. More addicts can now find the way to a new, clean life.

Pors | de Ridder PR arranged as PR agency of Solutions Center the broadcast of RTL Boulevard. View the broadcast.

PR campaign
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