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Media relations and launches

Pors|de Ridder PR is proud to present its Benelux client Sennheiser. We will represent this company in traditional and online lifestyle media in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

In brief
Most important services: media relations, product launches and corporate campaigns
Client since: early 2007
Average number of articles annually: 260 clippings

The offices of Sennheiser in the Netherlands and Belgium have been combined under one management. Of course, this requires a PR agency that operates in the Benelux as well. The importer of high quality audio products will proactively work together with Pors|de Ridder PR on corporate and marketing PR.

We continuously monitor the topical issues and placed articles. In addition, we have a proactive attitude towards the press in order to respond to, for instance, specials or tests published by
consumer and trade media. Together with Sennheiser, we also ensure editorial attention by making available prizes for puzzles in newspapers and magazines. This way, consumers in the Benelux can become acquainted with the high quality of Sennheiser in a low-threshold manner. The worldwide introduction of the Wireless One (W1) is planned for 2008. Pors|de Ridder PR takes care of the introduction in the Benelux. In this context, the connection and translation to the local market is an important added value for Sennheiser.

A concrete example of the work that Pors|de Ridder does for Sennheiser is the following brand campaign: ‘Sennheiser’s Stillest concert of Vlaanderen’. The organisation wants to create an experience of sound. That is why Sennheiser regularly sponsors well-known performers. This time, Sennheiser sponsored the concert tour of the Belgian singer Udo. As a conclusion of the concert tour, Sennheiser organised a very unique concert: the Zero Decibel Live! Concert. A unique experience where both singer and live band could only be heard via Sennheiser headphones. The concert was open for a select company to attend, such as customers and Sennheiser clients, the press and Belgian consumers who had won tickets. Pors|de Ridder PR provided the press contacts surrounding this special event. Here the emphasis was on maintaining good relations with the editors.

Press contact
First of all, Pors|de Ridder PR selected the relevant Belgian media in the lifestyle and Music sector and the professional media in the field of audio. Their editors received an exclusive invitation to the Zero Decibel Live! Concert. This was followed by telephone contact with the editors about the concert and the activities of Sennheiser. During the Zero Decibel Live! Concert, Pors|de Ridder PR provided for the reception of the editors and guided the interviews. Naturally, a press release with photo material was sent after the concert.

The press release that was sent afterwards can be found here.

The concert provided for much publicity in the music features of the lifestyle magazines. Fifteen journalists were present at the concert. Afterwards, they were very enthusiastic about the initiative. Beforehand, the personal contact already made clear that all editors responded very positively to the concert and the press release. Among others, the most important national newspaper of Belgium, Het Laatste Nieuws (HLN), devoted editorial attention to the concert.

Media relations and launches
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