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Femmefone.nl is the first online telecom shop for women. The website has a unique range of ladyphones from well-known telecom providers. This brand was officially launched at the Miss Femmefone.nl contest.

Assignment description
To create publicity in the written press, on radio and television around the launch of the lifestyle brand Femmefone.nl. The most important objective is to provide an increase in awareness and recognisability of the Femmefone.nl brand amongst the target group.

Miss Femmefone.nl contest
Standard advertising campaigns are unsuitable for an online brand. Femmefone.nl therefore organised a Miss Contest, in which everyone could participate. The winner was proclaimed ambassador of the Femmefone.nl brand for a year.

During the final at Jackie RC in Rotterdam, three finalists stood before a professional jury made up of Fajah Lourens, John de Wolf and Rob Peetoom. The contest also included appearances by Gerard Joling, EliZe and DJ Roog.
More than 30 famous Dutch people were present at the Miss Femmefone.nl contest.

Pors|de Ridder PR created three moments that allowed editors from lifestyle and showbiz media to come into contact with Femmefone.nl. For example, there was a press release that presented the new and successful Femmefone.nl initiative. Then there was the invitation sent to more than 150 editors for the Miss Femmefone.nl Contest 2006. About thirty important editors were personally invited by the staff of Pors|de Ridder PR.
Finally, the third report revealed to journalists the name of the winner awarded the title of Miss Femmefone.nl.

Pors|de Ridder PR coordinated all contacts with the media before and during the Miss Femmefone.nl Contest. More than 50 different media were represented at the festive final.

This approach resulted in more than 130 articles in newspapers, lifestyle magazines and on the Internet. Seven TV reports were also made, which were broadcast and placed on the Internet. Awareness of Femmefone.nl was simultaneously raised amongst editors. Journalists knew how to browse to Femmefone.nl and still write regularly about this special concept.

However, the most important result was a marked increase in visitor numbers to the website and a significant boost to the sales figures of Femmefone.nl.

Organisation press event
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