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Interim projects

Communication within and about an organisation is often complex, and having your own expertise in the field of PR available is therefore definitely an advantage. This, however, is not always possible. In those cases, the best option is to engage the services of an interim consultant specialised in PR and/or communication. Pors|de Ridder PR offers those services.

How an interim project progresses
Naturally, we kick off with an introductory meeting, during which all requirements and preferences are thoroughly assessed. This assessment is then used by us to draft a customised proposal that includes solutions and the required working methods. For example full-time or part-time, reporting and activities. When a project is launched, one of our professionals will be present within your company for an agreed number of days. During this period, the expert in question assesses the current state of affairs, creates a structure and composes an internal team of employees and/or company officials with whom the project will be carried out. Once this has been done, he can commence his tasks.

An interim project typically requires several tasks to be performed. The broader the basis required, the more time is spent on finding a fitting and effective strategy, in which the necessary consideration is naturally also given to implementation. Examples in this respect are copywriting, the coordination of a new house style, project management for new websites and accompaniment in mergers, stock market floatation and dismissals. In all of this, we adhere to a structured plan that provides the organisation in question with permanent insight into the progress of the project. Depending on the nature of an assignment, the duration of a project can be anything between several months and a year.

Contact us for an assessment of your organisation.

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