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Video press release

Pors|de Ridder PR offers customers the possibility of making press announcements and providing news items in the form of a short video clip, which is not to be mistaken for a commercial or corporate film. Video news clips always focus on news items, something that is evident, for example, from the fact that the customer’s logo is never over-exposed.

Added value
The added value of video news clips lies in the extensive reach of video clips. The scope of traditional press releases generally only includes editors. What they then do with the information is difficult to oversee. A big advantage of a video news clip is that it can be sent to end users as well as editors directly, in this case via YouTube and Vimeo channels.
Other advantages include:
• Simple distribution via social media
• Cross-linking across various platforms
• Video news clips are not yet mainstream, and therefore provide an effective and recognisable way in which to provide audiences with news about your organisation.
• Free entry of the news-clip on media websites

Basic package
The basic package of a video news clip includes:
• Drafting a mini press release. This forms the basis of the video news clip and contains the news value for the clip. The mini press release ultimately accompanies the video clip as an attachment.
• Recordings at two locations (the customer and an external specialist)
• Editing as a single and comprehensive message.
• Voice-over recordings
• Distribution among professional and consumer media according to contents.

We aim to limit the duration of video news clips to approximately 90 seconds. This way, the message is kept short and to the point, while captivating the viewer right up to the end.

Curious to find out more about what a video news clip can do for your organisation? Then contact us. We’ll be more than happy to discuss the options with you.

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